Serious masochists are particularly welcome to gain appointments with Madame Tachibana in her superb fully equipped dungeon.  With vast experience we cover every aspect of Domination imaginable;  all fantasies are catered for.

The Dungeon includes; various cages, hanging suspensions, cross, turning wheel, throne and the best available bondage equipment.  There is a clinical room with medical equipment including catheters, needles and electro shock generators, realistically designed for scenarios from doctor and patient examinations to extreme medical operations conducted by Doctor Tachibana, rubber nurse games and other medical fetishes with Japanese nurses on call by request.

A full transvestite wardrobe of PVC, leather, latex, silk, satin, velvet, lace, metal, make up, dresses, uniforms, corsets and high heeled shoes,  is available. Services: CP, traditional Japanese rope bondage, restriction, deprivation, correction, role play, slaves, maids, forced sex change, schoolboys, schoolgirl, cock and ball torture, all forms of torture, anal experience, humiliation, mental domination, power play, needles and nails and blood play.

Very experienced

I do NOT offer Personal Services.



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