I found my spirituality in SM.

From adolescence religious imagery and in particular Buddhist statues have fascinated me. Discovering my vocation sated a deep thirst to express the spiritual desire springing from my soul.

A good dominatrix should act like a shaman or a medium leading slaves into another world so they are completely cut off from everyday life and its banal realm. When released by the domina both should be totally refreshed and charged, having gone through an intricate psychological journey together with memorable physical sensations.
I believe that discovering and diving into our own fantasy, fantasy that usually lies very deep down, gives more meaning to life, because all well-hidden answers to life exist beneath each individuals consciousness.

With my vast accumulated experience of dealing with specific needs for so many people since 1997 I am certain to release your true sexuality, sexuality which under my guidance will become manifest.

Sexual fantasies hide at the foundation of personal existence and are unique to every individual.

On my journey, I’ve had fantastic satisfaction to help people in such variety.

I’d love to help your inner journey begin, too.

Welcome to a new adventure.

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