Read  some of Madame Tachibana’s clients eulogies :

Peter  “My preferences don’t involve pain or any sort of punishment, although I know many such scenarios are available.  Restraint in a friendly manner is my penchant and Madame, being an expert, can make that absolutely total.   It’s many years since my first visit and I wasn’t young then and,  thinking I was too old,  I dropped out for a while.  Having kept in contact however I was able to visit again recently.  Age didn’t matter to Madame or her young assistant and this session was the best ever.   After being restrained on my first visit I agreed to let young Japanese female tourists observe, which was really exciting. Since then Madame has one or two of her assistants present who are really beautiful,  but can be wicked in their preferences.  Madame seems to have a sixth sense for knowing what works best.     All is friendly, clean, safe, confidential and performed with that thoroughness for which Japanese are renowned.  You will never regret visiting.”

LD I have had the pleasure of knowing Madame Tachibana since She started, and the privilege of serving Her regularily ever since.  Her enthusiasm, knowledge, wicked sense of humour and wonderful rope work means that once started,  a session rolls seamlessly from position to position with no let up while She finds ever more devious ways of tormenting a helpless body.  She has a number of attractive and enthusiastic young Japanese assistants and their discussions and chat in Japanese means that one has no way of knowing what is coming next!  Truly it is a wonderful journey into another world at the hands of a supreme Dominatrix in whom one can have complete trust.  To experience real submission at the hands of an Expert and very Special Mistress who has a wicked imagination and a superbly equipped dungeon, look no further.  And prepare to be challenged!’

Andrew “I see Madame Tachibana as often as I can.  She’s inventive, great fun and very good at this. She knows just how far too far to push things and when I’ve made an appointment but turned up, too tired,  she’s adjusted sessions without making me feel she’s indulging me too much.She can make me regret visiting within minutes of arriving,  but when it comes time  to leave,  I’m already longing to return.”

Dr Which “Peerless, a paragon for the perversions,  the epitome of cultural sensibility. Fun, Loving and Special – Madame Tachibana combines these facets and many more in an addictive vortex of the temptations.”

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