Madame Tachibana – A paragon for the perverted.

A team of younger Japanese Mistresses may be available on inquiry and currently include:

Mistress Hanako – Hanako, suggesting a flower girl but this flower girl has thorns. Lifestyle, sadistic and enchanting. Like her namesake, the urban legend, any time spent in her presence will haunt… 

Mistress Kaori – meaning fragrance.  A fragrance perhaps such a carnivorous plant might produce to lure. Distracted by her enigmatic beauty you’re unlikely to notice until too late that you’ve been consumed.

Mistress Gerolyn – Educated and Elegant.  ‘Gero’ in Japanese means vomit.  Exhibits perfect control on spewing in to the mouths of slaves.

Mistress Jigoku – Jigoku means “Hell”.   Voluptuous and Merciless –  She likes to be spiteful.  Don’t you want to please her?

Miss Mukade – Mukade is a centipede with a terrible bite.   A beautiful Italian/Japanese with rare empathy as she enjoys subspace herself (so she MIGHT switch/bottom (ask)).

Mistress Orochi  – Orochi being a japanese hydra.  Lithe and beautiful with a great sense of fun; you will long to suffer to gain her attention again.

Master Tengai – Tengai implying the expanse of the heavens… which could well apply to his endowment…

Mistress Raijin – (The Goddess of Thunder).  Charming, petite & martial arts trained.  To please,  you could act as a punch bag or let her cane or beat you.  ?

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